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The concept for eDistrict was born out of sheer necessity. The founder of eDistrict, Darryl L. Barksdale, became frustrated with the obstacles that he and his wife encountered raising 11 children and constantly having to interact with a public school system that was ill-equipped to provide the kind of support that some of their learning-impaired children required.
A software executive, Barksdale quickly became frustrated with the abysmal lack of technology in his children's schools, as well as the absence of any kind of communications system to link parents and teachers. It would sometimes take weeks to find out, for instance, that one of his children had failed to turn in 7 assignments in a row. And then there were the usual "11:30pm-the-night-before-it-was-due" Science Fair project notifications. Barksdale wondered if there wasn't a better way out there somewhere, and why no one had implemented a more intuitive and intelligent solution yet.

The communications problems and lack of reporting technology were exacerbated, Barksdale thought, by being constantly hit up by various fund-raisers. Long on promises, short on actual delivery, the only ones who seemed to benefit from sending out his children to sell yet another tin of stale peanut brittle was... the vendor. It seemed like there had to be a better way to raise funds, communicate with parents, manage student information... and out of that frustration eDistrict was born.

The goals of eDistrict are very simple;

  • To provide the ultimate "win-win" for districts, schools, parents, and students.
  • To provide state-of-the-art technological solutions to an industry that traditionally lags 10 years behind the "cutting-edge."
  • To increase the quality of education our children receive, as well as to reduce the amount of work our teachers have to perform to provide exciting, stimulating experiences in their classroom.

eDistrict believes that district administrators and teachers should be concentrating on what they do best... teaching our children... not struggling to desperately find technological solutions that can be easily installed and maintained, and which take a minimum amount of time to learn to use. And, if the response that we've heard from you is any indication, we think we're right on.

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